I put it back to tongue clean  SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS  and then you can see so I’ll do a demonstration with this one I’ll show you guys I’m going to put a plaque identifying toothpaste on my teeth so you can see how it removes the plaque that actually is on your tongue because your tongue has many grooves it’s like a carpet and in those little grooves,.

SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS  Even if you’re just using a regular toothbrush it’s not going to get all that bacteria that makes bad breath off of your tongue so you want to use like something like this or like a scraper so that’s like one really really cool thing about this so so the first time I’m going to set this up with my tablet my Android tablet so hopefully.

There isn’t a glare too much of a glare you can see that I SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS have a my dual screen open on my computer so I just went into the app okay so it says select your product so just select your product you can download the app for like an apple like tablet or for any Android device so.

It’s diamond clean smart so I just you can like select which one this is already on the diamond clean smart so select this product and then it says take the guesswork out of brushing with real-time guidance and personal feedback reduced pressure turn on your toothbrush for a tough job and allow access to my brush so so what it’s saying is that it.

It will know what areas of your mouth that your not focusing more time on so something in the technology will know so let’s see oh I will go back to that so now I want to show you some other cool things about this toothbrush now when you put the you have a toothbrush head on this toothbrush and you’re using learn more SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS


That it gets easier to understand with discount dental plans now being offered by finance companies as an alternative to dental insurance more dental insurance nc and more people are beginning to see hope hope that is in being able to afford to get expensive dental treatments at a discounted rate.

dental insurance nc
dental insurance nc

If you want to find the best discount dental plan finding one online will make the process easier for you you save on time and effort because most of the important information is already posted on the web keep in mind though that the features of discount dental plans will differ depending on the company that is offering it thus you will need to compare and contrast two plans against each other to find the one.

That you feel will work best for you there are many advantages of discount dental plans such as the unlimited charges in discount dental plans and the savings in discount dental plans the feet you will pay for one year will be more than covered dental insurance by the savings in discount dental plans this is because the discount rates ranges from to a whopping percent off from the regular rates.

full coverage dental insurance
full coverage dental insurance

You can just imagine how much that is at the end of the year there are some conditions you must meet to avail of the discount first you need to be updated with your payments second you will need to pay in cash third you will have to use the services of qualified dentists in the list of the finance company you cannot use your own qualified dentist unless he is on the list if you compare the conditions and terms against the advantages of discount dental plans.

More saw:
dental insurance nc

Why You Need A dentalhelps

That’s going to stand in your Https:// way if you want to find a dentist you just click on the find a dentist tab and it will bring into a little search area and it’ll show you the dentists.


That are available in that area and you can actually go back to the home page where you can go right here and search for your dentist and it will bring it up by name where you can do that sample fees kind of what we just went through.                       

It’s going to show you exactly Https://  what it’s going to cost for different scenarios and you can click through all that and see exactly what you’re looking at the added benefit so this was on.

The vital savings that has the added benefits so vision savings you click on that it drops down it shows you exactly so what it’s going to be so an eye exam instead of  would be sixty three dollars so.

You save twenty seven dollars on an eye exam designer frames you’ll save somewhere around sixty six dollars contact lenses ten dollars and then single vision lenses this is kind of funny because this number is supposed to be one eighty nine.

I’m not sure how they put a typo in there but save you eighty one dollars on on single vision lenses so you know any amount of money we can save is good money so I’m all for it without any doubt it also gives you a prescription discount

Link :

best fun online timers at low price

fun online timers Of course, if you collect these websites specially and then just calculate the time of boiled eggs or instant noodles, there is a little bit of a big problem, but maybe soon after, the counters in your fun online timers kitchen will really be loaded with iPad, and the recipes can be electronic later. It’s no surprise that the kitchen’s fire-time control is handed over to the digital tool management.

No matter what fun online timers you have to give yourself a reminder after a certain period of time, then the following six websites may be able to help us.

Interestingly, in the process of searching the Internet for ” Egg Timer,” I found that in strange things fun online timers  This kind of countdown website actually has a lot of different ideas. Even if it seems to be a simple matter of calculating time.

This is the most simple and straightforward countdown website. After entering the site, set the countdown fun online timers time in the “Start Time” below, and you can turn on the alarm sound in “Timer Stopwatch Settings.” Remember to press Set [Set] to take effect, and finally press [Start] to start counting down.

Get Renaissance Dental At Low Cost

Renaissance Dental have to see what kind of contract and  what kind of claims the Clippers would have against  Renaissance Dental  him if they say that you  know he was partly a park for what has occurred here.

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

all right hey all great information thank you we love going to  you for the legal perspective on things Jacob him Ronnie thanks for coming on great talking to you guys have.

A great day Thank You Jacob uh all right we uh today he’s helping us out by answering  some questions that were posted online specifically related to car accidents if you were in a car accident some of these questions.

Were pretty broad in scope so these may be applicable to you and if  you were one of the people that asked questions obviously you’re getting your answer right now in addition John has volunteered .

That at the end of the video watch it if you have additional questions you can post them in the comments of you she’s actually going to come back and answer those so.

with that said I’m gonna ask some questions directly from the web to do John so John the first question was from Darrel he says .

He was in Iraq two  months ago with minor injuries the insurance company is offering to pay him a supplement which is covering more than his actual expenses does he still need an attorney .

Thank You Ryan for having up these questions as far as Daryl’s  concern I get this question quite often someone has been negotiating with the insurance company for any particular amount of time.

Brife Di ascription About Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance would be  you know for his injuries that would  have been caused based on this you can Dental Insurance  sue for injuries you can sue for medical  bills you can you know sue for you know emotional distress and any loss .

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

Earnings the testing may end up having based on how you know his injuries are going to relate to the type of work that he does on a daily basis as they quickly manage.

Now Jacob put his case be hurt at all by the fact that he didn’t file a police report at the time of the  incident not at all that the police report is basically uh a necessity number one when you’re trying to have criminal charges because.

The police come  out and at that particular moment they would arrest Blake Griffin if in fact test decides to go ahead and press charges due to the fact that there were so .

Many witnesses available there’s definitely going to be an investigation done as to what exactly occurred but there does not seem to be any kind of you know evidence contrary to.

What is  being reported that actually it was Blake Griffin that made contact and hit test so the evidence is actually rather clear there through the witnesses and what did you expect in the .

Way of damages in a case like this and I’m not  familiar with exactly what his injuries are but normally when there is an assault and battery it just depends on persons .

That you know injury extent of the injury right correct extent of the injury is important I mean he’s an equipment manager you know if for  example let’s say he got hit in.

The shoulder he got hit in the neck you got in the back and that injury is going to cause him not to be able to work there’s going to be lots of learning

dental help in usa

dental help was what really took the aligners to get there so by the time we finished this case there was a refinement dental help needed so we we ended up needing.

dental help
dental help

Two refinements to finish correcting this and the grand total of treatment was aligners so I did use aligners to treat this case to get that this arch form an arch width but in those aligners the treatment time.

Was months so what started out being a ten day change for the first third of treatment once I was comfortable with that I moved to then nine days than eight days so as the years were going by we were starting to reduce the treatment time of the.

Where time on the aligners for this patient as well as others to figure out how how low can we go and the idea was we started figuring out the time frame the number of stereo perforations and.

The number of rounds they would need to deliver an amount of wear time so to speak for the aligner so we managed to get her to here and although it took aligners a typical time for aligners is about .

You know to months and to months became months so we were able to take off you know good to percent of treatment time and deliver.

A very nice occlusion for her that she’s happy with that resolves all of the cross bite issues and certainly sets her up to have success going forward the midlife is recovered mostly and .

We have a patient that’s going to be pretty happy with that now the chart I was referencing at the beginning truck is a summary of where we are and the cases I introduced you to were mild to moderate.

The best dental insurance coverage

The best dental insurance coverage the International Travel Benefit, provided by Bonitas, covers medical emergencies when traveling outside South African borders.

It covers up to 90 days per trip, The best dental insurance coverage regardless of the amount of trips you make throughout the year.

It is limited to R5 million per person to a maximum of R10 million per family, with certain restrictions such as pre-existing conditions, limited to R10 000, and certain dangerous sports activities.


are covered by your medical aid fund and just as important to inform them of your travel plans.

“Members need to activate the international travel cover when they are planning to travel out of the country,” explains Emmenis.

“The Bonitas cover is underwritten by an authorized financial services provider who needs time to activate the policy.

Verzekeringen dat u dekking heeft voordat u vertrekt, zal de medische hulp verstrekken aan de leden met de nodige informatie die nodig is in verband met vaccinaties, evenals in contact met het geval van een noodgeval in het buitenland.

best dental plans for seniors | clear choice dental implants costs

best dental plans for seniors | clear choice dental implants costs

  • best dental plans for seniors in the fact that  as a disease progresses there’s less  muscle .
  • gastrointestinal reflex  occurs in many of these diseases and that creates acid .
  • into the mouth  which can cause dissolution of the teeth of the enamel and create .

Teeth too so these are all things that a dental exam can check .

  • dentist can give you ideas to take care of these  problems and head them off early .
  • on because individuals who develop a degenerative diseases who are who are .
  • blessed with good teeth to begin  definitely can enjoy a better quality of life .

throughout the progress of the disease and people who have challenging teeth.

  • haven’t maintained their teeth  throughout life are going to have some difficult
  • challenges and as you know swallowing and eating and speaking and just being
  • comfortable so here’s a tongue just to  show that there are changes in the oral

cavity this is a tongue with someone with .

  • our tongues don’t look like this in general when we’re healthy we don’t  see these.
  • odd waves and depressions and folds within the tongue you know mostly a tongue .
best dental plans for seniors
best dental plans for seniors
  • is fairly smooth it’s got a little bit of ridges on that so you can appreciate someone .
  • who has difficulty swallowing the tongue is a big part of  moving food around the .

mouth getting it to the back of the mouth.

  • and if you have issues with the tongue there’s a challenge right .
  • there so sometimes these changes in the tongue will actually precede.
  • some of the changes with swallowing tooth decay we all think of  as the.
  • dentist with problems with tooth decay so we need to maintain a diet that’s .
  • low in sugar I know a lot of individuals like to have sweetened beverages you.
  • know juices and whether it’s apple juice or cranberry juices and they call.
  • them them they they’d have a more difficult  swallowing the clear



ppo dental insurance for individuals

ppo dental insurance for individuals

  • You may take a gander at  and see cash going out ppo dental insurance for individuals utilize.
  • there are a few reserve funds you ought to consider when you consider acquiring a dental protection design.
  • o First dental protection covers numerous techniques from cleanings to spans or even tops relying upon your strategy.
  • o Most cleanings tend to cost two or three hundred dollars in the event that you don’t have protection.
  • In the event that you require fillings, you are taking a gander at around four hundred or more relying upon.
  • what number of filings and the kind of filling you picked.
ppo dental insurance for individuals
ppo dental insurance for individuals

ppo dental insurance for individuals

  • o Insurance approaches offer a deductible that must be met. Contingent upon your decision of deductible,
  • you may get the situation taken care of or simply the cleanings and fillings. The higher the deductible the more methodology are secured.
  • Dental protection for people when searching for funds can be as low as one hundred.
  • multi month or somewhat more relying upon what number of you have on the arrangement.
  • When you take a gander at a group of four who pay two or three hundred multi month.
  • for a dental protection design with four cleanings every year, fillings, and orthodontist.
  • work on the off chance that they require supports or retainers you will discover the investment.
  • funds with dental protection for people to be more vital than the sum you will spend without protection.
  • Co-Payment For Dental Work
  • Another advantage of having dental protection for people is the opportunity to pay off the deductible.
  • or co pay after some time. In the event that a strategy will meet the deductible, yet you don’t have the whole.
  • sum ideal off you can set up an installment intend to enable you to pay it off. Most dental specialist.
  • workplaces won’t permit you an installment design any more on the off chance that you.

don’t have protection and will require the whole sum before they will finish the work.

  • There are different plans that might be offered to people. These designs are thought.
  • to resemble HMO’s the place you must have a particular dental specialist office, referrals.
  • for different sorts of dental specialists, and for the most part no deductible. The disadvantage is the absence of scope’s that might be advertised.