I put it back to tongue clean  SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS  and then you can see so I’ll do a demonstration with this one I’ll show you guys I’m going to put a plaque identifying toothpaste on my teeth so you can see how it removes the plaque that actually is on your tongue because your tongue has many grooves it’s like a carpet and in those little grooves,.

SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS  Even if you’re just using a regular toothbrush it’s not going to get all that bacteria that makes bad breath off of your tongue so you want to use like something like this or like a scraper so that’s like one really really cool thing about this so so the first time I’m going to set this up with my tablet my Android tablet so hopefully.

There isn’t a glare too much of a glare you can see that I SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS have a my dual screen open on my computer so I just went into the app okay so it says select your product so just select your product you can download the app for like an apple like tablet or for any Android device so.

It’s diamond clean smart so I just you can like select which one this is already on the diamond clean smart so select this product and then it says take the guesswork out of brushing with real-time guidance and personal feedback reduced pressure turn on your toothbrush for a tough job and allow access to my brush so so what it’s saying is that it.

It will know what areas of your mouth that your not focusing more time on so something in the technology will know so let’s see oh I will go back to that so now I want to show you some other cool things about this toothbrush now when you put the you have a toothbrush head on this toothbrush and you’re using learn more SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS