dental help in usa

dental help was what really took the aligners to get there so by the time we finished this case there was a refinement dental help needed so we we ended up needing.

dental help
dental help

Two refinements to finish correcting this and the grand total of treatment was aligners so I did use aligners to treat this case to get that this arch form an arch width but in those aligners the treatment time.

Was months so what started out being a ten day change for the first third of treatment once I was comfortable with that I moved to then nine days than eight days so as the years were going by we were starting to reduce the treatment time of the.

Where time on the aligners for this patient as well as others to figure out how how low can we go and the idea was we started figuring out the time frame the number of stereo perforations and.

The number of rounds they would need to deliver an amount of wear time so to speak for the aligner so we managed to get her to here and although it took aligners a typical time for aligners is about .

You know to months and to months became months so we were able to take off you know good to percent of treatment time and deliver.

A very nice occlusion for her that she’s happy with that resolves all of the cross bite issues and certainly sets her up to have success going forward the midlife is recovered mostly and .

We have a patient that’s going to be pretty happy with that now the chart I was referencing at the beginning truck is a summary of where we are and the cases I introduced you to were mild to moderate.