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Renaissance Dental have to see what kind of contract and  what kind of claims the Clippers would have against  Renaissance Dental  him if they say that you  know he was partly a park for what has occurred here.

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

all right hey all great information thank you we love going to  you for the legal perspective on things Jacob him Ronnie thanks for coming on great talking to you guys have.

A great day Thank You Jacob uh all right we uh today he’s helping us out by answering  some questions that were posted online specifically related to car accidents if you were in a car accident some of these questions.

Were pretty broad in scope so these may be applicable to you and if  you were one of the people that asked questions obviously you’re getting your answer right now in addition John has volunteered .

That at the end of the video watch it if you have additional questions you can post them in the comments of you she’s actually going to come back and answer those so.

with that said I’m gonna ask some questions directly from the web to do John so John the first question was from Darrel he says .

He was in Iraq two  months ago with minor injuries the insurance company is offering to pay him a supplement which is covering more than his actual expenses does he still need an attorney .

Thank You Ryan for having up these questions as far as Daryl’s  concern I get this question quite often someone has been negotiating with the insurance company for any particular amount of time.