Why U Want ameritas dental

Ameritas dental independence those are the questions that a person asks after their business is doing well and so the fact ameritas dental that you invested all of that time up front to get your business to the point at which you could ask the question that you asked today as

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

I see it you did not start late at all in fact if anything you started early you’re ahead of the game you know how many people are in their s or their s and they’ve always wanted to start a business but .

They haven’t done it yet there are people in their s and their s who want to do exactly what you’ve already accomplished in your s and s so I think you’re doing great now to answer your question directly how do you put yourself in the best position to become fi just keep doing

What you’re doing you’re self-employed so keep growing your business because that gives you unlimited income potential you don’t have to rely on a boss for a % raise every year so grow your business and by virtue of doing so you will increase the gap between what you’re earning .

What you’re spending and then invest that gap in tax advantaged accounts invest that gap into retirement accounts being self-employed you can open a solo k so you can actually open at Vanguard .

They have an option for a Roth solo k so then you can contribute an employee salary deferral because you are your own employee so you can contribute an employee salary deferral of , a year .

Then because you are also your own employer you can also contribute an employer portion so go to Vanguard open a Roth solo k the employer side of the contribution is going to be pre-tax the Roth is gonna be after-tax that way you harness both sets of tax